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Recruiting & managing staff

When recruiting staff, the objectives are clear: find the best people, employ them and retain them.

Sounds straight forward but is often not. We manage the process from the beginning, with assisting in writing the position descriptions that accurately reflect the job, interviewing, and subsequent employment documents. 


Services include:

Job descriptions, key performance indicators

Offer of employment letters, employment contracts, reference checks

Workplace announcements

Leave application forms, parental leave application forms and approval letters

End of employment letters

Real HR success relies on facilitating a workplace that allows your staff to reach their full potential. This requires active management in the form of recognising good performance and counselling those who are achieving less than required.  


There are a number of policies which guide an employment tenure, and we can assist you in keeping on top of those.

Services include:

Induction process design, staff handbook, employment policies

Workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination policies 

Managing sick leave, required evidence – sick and carer’s leave, long term sick leave, return to work plans

Advice on how to manage leave abuse and absenteeism

Advice on how to manage unpaid leave 

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