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Conflict resolution

Conflict in the workplace is broadly defined as any disagreement or behaviour that disrupts the flow of work.


The way conflict is managed will impact workplace culture, productivity and reputation. 

HR should get involved in conflict management/resolution early on to de-escalate the situation. 

Conflict is always a delicate matter for all parties involved, requiring an experienced and sensitive approach.

Services include: 

Verbal warning process, preparation of formal warning letters 

Formal notice of enquiry into unsatisfactory performance or conduct

Advice on how to conduct a meeting about unsatisfactory performance or conduct


If employment needs to be terminated, we offer the following services: 

Advice on termination of employment processes and procedures

Risk assessment and minimisation of potential unfair dismissal claims

Advice and process to avoid successful unfair dismissal claims

Preparation of termination of employment letters

Confidential employment separation settlements


Unfair dismissal claims and adverse action claims

Advising you on unfair dismissal and adverse action claims

Managing unfair dismissal claims and adverse action on your behalf

Representing you in unfair dismissal and adverse action claims

Negotiating settlement of unfair dismissal and adverse action claims

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